Difference between Waterproof and Water Resistant Mascara
By Theydiffer - March 28, 2016

If anything is going to interrupt the peace of young girls today while buying cosmetics, it will be choosing between waterproof and water resistant mascara. They may even be annoyed at having to understand the difference between the two, let alone select one. But it is really important to understand this distinction.

Though both types of mascara have the purpose of resisting water to some degree, their difference will become apparent once they are applied. Read on to find out more.


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Resistant to water submersion, waterproof mascara or a waterproof formula is mostly used for swimming. It contains much stronger chemicals so that it is able to completely withstand water submersion. However these chemicals are harmful to your lashes and may even result in damaging or hardening of your eye lashes. When you take the mascara off, it can turn out to be really tricky and make you pull or rub your eyes really hard.

On the other hand it can be almost as easy for water resistant mascara or water resistant formula to withstand water submersion. These mascaras also help you avoid the moisture or wetness you face every day. That’s right! These formulas are moisture-resistant so that even if you sweat a lot or tend to cry, or need to make your way time and again to different meetings, you will be able to enjoy a smudge-free makeup – fresh as in the morning. Water resistant mascara is easy on eyes and is gentle to take off.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant Mascara

Even though there is not much difference in the two in technical terms, there is still a big difference between waterproof and water resistant mascara. On one hand, waterproof mascara is completely water-resistant and can hold up against water submersion. On the other hand, its water resistant counterpart is more a dampness-resistant mascara. If you do not swim often, the preferred choice is water resistant mascara. Nevertheless, if swimming is something you love with all your heart, waterproof mascara is a must in your makeup kit.

Comparison Chart

Waterproof MascaraWater Resistant Mascara
Most of the time, you are recommended to go for waterproof mascara if you go in the pool often.If you often have tears in your eyes due to daily moisture encounter or anything else, or sweat a lot, you should go for water resistant mascara.
These are resistant to water submersion.These are impervious to moisture.
These are hard on eye lashes.These are soft on eyes.