Difference between Wine and Spirits
By Theydiffer - August 12, 2015

Wine and spirits such as whiskey or vodka are widely consumed alcoholic beverages. This article will explain the differences between them.


Spirits in the supermarket

Spirits, also called hard liquors, distilled beverages, and liquors, are alcoholic beverages made by distilling a fermented product. The fermented liquid, usually called a mash, made out of grains or other substances, is then put into a heated container, known as a still. The alcohol evaporates first, and the machine is then cooled to collect the drops of alcohol. Spirits include whiskey, gin, vodka, and brandy. A variety is pictured above.

Comparison chart

Made by fermenting fruits.Made by distilling a fermented product.
Made from fruits.Made from a mash.
Lower alcoholic content.Higher alcoholic content.

Wine vs Spirits

What is the difference between wine and spirits? The main differences are in the production process, the ingredients that go into making both, and the content of alcohol.

Wine is made only through fermentation. The juice of fruits is fermented with yeast to create alcohol. Spirits, on the other hand, are made by distilling a fermented product. Distilled wine is also made, and it is known as brandy.

Wine is made with fruits, whereas spirits are made with a mash, which is a combination of grains and other ingredients.

Wine typically has an alcoholic content of 9-12% ABV, but spirits almost always have a 40% ABV.