Difference Between Yacht and Cruise Ship
By Claire Miles - June 6, 2022

A vacation at sea appears to be the ideal getaway. Guests can enjoy the open ocean while exploring beautiful coastal destinations aboard a sailing yacht, catamaran, or cruise ship. When it comes to a seafaring holiday, travelers have two options: A cruise ship vs. a yacht charter. Although these types of vacations share some similarities, they couldn’t be more different.

Table Summary

YachtCruise Ship
They are saferA higher percentage of exposure to unsafety
There is more privacyPrivacy is not guaranteed 
No restrictions on traveling Due to being owned by private organizations, the movements are predetermined 
The itinerary is flexible and customizableThe itinerary is set before boarding. 


A superyacht, sometimes known as a mega yacht, is a high-end, privately owned sailing or motor vessel with a professional crew. Depending on the owner’s fortune, a super yacht may tour the world, winter in the South Pacific, or spend the summer in the Mediterranean.

A cruise ship is just one of many ships in a fleet owned by large companies like Carnival Cruise Lines or Norwegian Cruise Lines. A cruise ship is in service all year and may only be out of commission for a few weeks when it is docked for routine maintenance. A cruise ship will usually travel to Alaska or Europe in the summer and the Caribbean in the winter.

Yacht VS Cruise Ship

Private yacht vacations provide a sense of security that cruise ships cannot. Onboard, your guests will enjoy an intimate experience that leaves worries behind and welcomes 5-star, personalized service and attention. Private yachts offer a whole new level of luxury and solitude. You are just another passenger on a cruise ship, but on a private yacht, you are the only one on whom the staff must concentrate. When it comes to cruise ship safety vs. yacht safety, yachts are far safer than cruise ships.