Difference between Baseball Gloves and Softball Gloves
By Theydiffer - July 24, 2018

There are a lot of similarities between baseball and softball. They both involve pitching, hitting, catching, and throwing a ball, and then running to four bases. Both games also require the same equipment, such as a small round ball, a bat, and a glove. However, there are also a number of differences between the two sports. For this article, we’ll focus on the differences between baseball gloves and softball gloves.

Summary Table

Baseball GlovesSoftball Gloves
Shorter in length measuring 11.25 to 13 inchesLonger, measuring 11.5 to 15 inches
Pockets not as wide and deepPockets are wider and deeper
Has a smaller webHas a larger web
Normally do not have closures at the back of the gloveUsually has hook-and-loop closures at the back for easy adjustment for different hand sizes


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A baseball glove, otherwise known as a baseball mitt, is a sports equipment used by baseball players when pitching, catching, or fielding a ball. Baseball gloves are made of leather and come in different sizes based on a player’s field position. In earlier eras, players did not wear gloves but slowly transitioned to doing so when they saw the advantages in terms of higher catching potential plus the added padding protection for the hands.

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A softball glove or a softball mitt is used by softball players when playing a game similar to baseball (except that it uses a larger ball and is played on a smaller field). The game was initially called “indoor baseball” but later on got its own name in 1926 since the initial ball used for the game was soft. Softball gloves are usually made of leather or a similar material. The gloves come in different sizes depending on the player’s position on the field.

Baseball Gloves vs Softball Gloves

The main differences between baseball gloves and softball gloves are usually in the length, pocket and web sizes, and added glove features. Usually, glove or mitt sizes vary depending on the players’ positions on the field, whether they’re the pitcher, catcher, infielder, etc. But in general, baseball gloves are a bit smaller than softball gloves. Baseball gloves often come in lengths of 11.25 to 13 inches, whereas softball gloves usually measure 11.5 to 15 inches in length.

When it comes to pocket sizes, baseball gloves do not have as wide and deep an area as softball gloves. This is because a baseball is smaller than a softball, which requires a larger space inside the mitt. Baseball gloves also have a smaller web compared to softball gloves. Pitches for both sports need a closed web to hide the balls. Since a softball is bigger, softball gloves need a larger web.

In terms of added features, softball gloves are usually equipped with hook-and-loop closures, unlike baseball gloves. This feature is used for easy adjustments for the differences in female hand sizes.