Difference between Pressure Cooker and Crock Pot

July 7, 2015 by Editorial Team

Both the pressure cooker and the crock pot offer a convenient way to cook food without a lot of effort. Different people have different cooking needs, according to their lifestyles. For instance, you may want to cook food as fast as possible or as slowly as possible. This is where these two appliances come in. The main difference between the two is the time it takes to get the food on the table. A pressure cooker takes less time while a crock pot takes hours.


Pressure cooker
Pressure cooker

A Pressure Cooker is similar to an ordinary pot but it uses pressure to cook the food. It has a tightly fitting lid that traps steam inside the pot. The steam accumulates pressure, keeps the food moist and boosts high temperatures. This helps cook the food faster than ordinary pots placed on a cooker.

Crock pot (Slow cooker)
Crock pot (Slow cooker)

A Crock Pot (also slow cooker) is designed to cook food gently over a long period of time, usually between four to ten hours. A crock pot is never used on a stovetop and is usually left unattended once it has been set going.

Comparison Chart

Pressure CookerCrock Pot
Must be attended toCan be left unattended
Cooks food quickly, about 70% faster than a pot on an ordinary cookerCooks food over a long period of time (4 to 10 hours)
Can be used on a stove topCannot be used on a stove top


These two cookers mainly differ in terms of the time they take to get the food ready and the attention they require.

A slow cooker is commonly known as a ‘crock pot’ because of a particular company that is famously known for its manufacture of slow cookers. As the name suggests, a slow cooker takes longer to cook food. This makes it suitable for those people who need the food to cook overnight when they are sleeping so that they find it ready in the morning, or during the day when they are  away at work so that it is ready when they come home. The crock pot is electric and is never used on a stove top; it can cook any food that the pressure cooker can cook. It is convenient because it requires no attention when the food is cooking. You just put in the ingredients, plug it in and let it cook.

A pressure cooker can be electric or stove top. It uses pressure to build steam that is used to keep the food moist and at high temperatures for fast cooking. A pressure cooker is about 70 % faster than an ordinary pot or pan. It is therefore ideal when time is of the essence. While a crock pot can be safely left an unattended, a pressure cooker cannot be left unattended. This is especially true because it takes a short time to cook food which might be overcooked if left unattended due to too high a temperature and too much pressure.


Here is a video in which the differences between a pressure cooker and crock pot are discussed demonstrating some of the latest appliances on the market: